As the spread of COVID-19 changes the question as to “how can I stay COVID free?” to “how can I safely coexist with this virus?” individuals and businesses alike must choose to either be proactive or stand aside as our community continues to combat the spread of COVID-19. The virus has caused implications within businesses but taking the initiative to test employees helps bring peace of mind within the workplace and allows employers take back control of the unknown by significantly reducing the spread of the virus at work and, further, in our community.

In an effort to provide this service to businesses big and small, Dallas-based companies, Eleven IV and GeneIQ Labs, have joined hands to bring easy, reliable, and cost-effective COVID-19 testing using a simple nasal swab with results typically in 48 hours. Working with employers to regularly test employees has created a solution to the increased anxieties associated with returning to work safely. Of utmost importance is choosing the right test to ensure accurate results. The last thing employers want is the added pressure of a multiple-choice question when the solution is clear; a PCR test. These tests detect genetic material specific to COVID-19, resulting in a 97% accuracy of positive cases and 99.9% in negative cases. With business operations at stake, accuracy is crucial, hence the confidence linked to the reliability of a PCR test.

For further information on COVID-19 testing, give us a call: 1-833-483-7471 or visit our COVID-19 Testing FAQ

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