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Bookings are now handled via our sister company Eleven Wellness + IV. Please click below to be taken to the bookings page.


IV therapy begins with basic hydration. A dehydrated body can suffer from fatigue, lack of clarity, weight gain and much more. Vitamins and minerals delivered through the bloodstream allow for maximum absorption and can improve stress levels, athletic recovery, energy levels, quality sleep, immunity, anti-aging, focus and overall well-being.

IV Add-Ons

Supplemental vitamins and minerals can be added to any IV treatment to deliver extra hydration, support a positive mood or athletic recovery, boost energy, brighten skin, enhance mental clarity and more.


Fast, efficient and relatively painless, injections at Eleven IV can provide a quick boost of essential vitamins and minerals to help you feel energized, perform better, maintain a sense of calm or clarify your mind.

Oxygen Therapy

Administered through tubes placed in your nose, our oxygen therapy treatments can support immune and lung function along with restful sleep and a sense of peace.

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