It’s that dreaded time of the year again, flu season. The time of year with controversy about flu immunizations, pesky allergies flare up, and the multiple strain influenza virus strikes full force.. But the real question is, what are you doing to protect yourself?

Influenza is a very common virus that spreads extremely easily, leaving everyone with the risk of infection. It is spread through close contact with an infected person and by airborne & droplet transmission when an infected person does not properly cover their mouth when coughing and sneezing. These bad germs are literally on every surface and in the air we breathe. But what can you do to protect yourself, your loved ones, and others from developing the illness? Prevention. 

Of course, sources say that the best prevention for the flu is the vaccine. However, we also have a recommendation for prevention: the Immune Booster IV. This IV targets your immune system with the maximum amount of Vitamin C offered, gives you ample sleep support with Magnesium (which strengthens immunity), increases your energy with tons of B vitamins to get you through your day, and includes immunity minerals such as Zinc, Selenium, & Trace Minerals to keep your system strong and functioning how it should to prevent illness.

Don’t wait! If symptoms onset for too long, you will need medical treatment – which is limited since the flu is a virus. We recommend our clients to receive an IV treatment with first onset of symptoms, for maximum IV results and benefits. If you start feeling a sore throat coming on, fever, chills, etc. please do yourself a favor and schedule an Immunity Protection IV treatment. Here at Eleven IV, we aim to keep you well, so you can stay well and feel your absolute best.

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